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Locatie Madam Jeanne
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VRIJDAG 01/06/2018 @ Madam Jeanne
Een gratis avondje "Ukelele songs" met...

Kent Nielsen - official (DK)

Kent Nielsen is Danish but living in Lübeck (North Germany). He’s got a history as an author, percussionist, shoe shop clerk, record label guy, mailorder honcho, night porter and ukulele player a.o. But there’s one thing he’s been doing for ages – and that’s singing.

He just completed an old project: ‘Shotgun Seat DJ’ – his first „solo album“.
Roughly half of the roots rock colored songs were written together with Stefan Kletetzka (DEEP RIVER), some are brand new while a couple dates back to Kent and Stefan’s time in ONE BAR TOWN. Hence nothing seemed more appropriate than getting their old rhythm section Skinny Kaspereit and Thorsten Luck on board for that part of the recording sessions which took place in Göttingen’s Out-O-Space Studios. Three covers were added, one by GLEN CAMPBELL and another two originally written by EDDIE & THE HOT RODS and C.V. JØRGENSEN featuring Kent solo on the ukulele. Three more songs, drenched in Mod and 60s sounds, were written together with Helge Reich (JAM TODAY) and two musicians from his current band RUTSCHBAHN DREI, Jens C. Möller and Dirk Holtkötter. This part of the recordings took place in Hamburg’s Tonhotel Studio.
The album also includes guest appearances from George Whitfield (FIDDLEBOX, ex-PRESSGANG) and Martin Wenk (CALEXICO, NADA SURF, JUDITH HOLOFERNES).

The press about ‘Shotgun Seat DJ’:

„ … between the HOT RODS and CALEXICO. The Power of the songs is enormous, while leaving enough room for the traditional band format. One wants to hear these songs loud, and although Kent Nielsen plays Folk or Americana, at least technically seen, the tunes invite you to bang your head. Folk hasn’t got to be “nice” and also, today’s musical world still has more to offer than sentimental love songs. Thanks to Kent Nielsen”. (Chris Elstrodt, Folker Magazine, 11/2016)

" ... add lyrics, which bear testimony to the life experience of the man (for instance 'Suffer in Subtlety". (8 out of 10, Slam Music Magazine # 88, 11-12/2016)

“… an infectious mix of folk, country and rock, with an unmistakable instinct for the right groove flattering your hearing senses. Full of warmth and grace, Kent tells you stories from his life mixed with the odd cover version by John Hartfield and Glen Campbell a. o.” (5 out of 6 points, inMusic # 09-10/2016)

„Recommended listening tips, the snappy single ‘Star Wars Diaries’, the folky ‘Platform No. 3’ and the 60s tinged ‘Suffer In Subtlety’ to name a couple. An elegant and diverse Album which, despite all the variety, comes across with one consistent sound”.
(Manfred Upnmoor / Ultimo)

„ … with him (Kent) it’s all about the song – whether it’s cover versions of tunes essential to him such as ‘Gentle On My Mind’, catchy roots rock tracks, country swing or solo on the ukulele. Thus ‘Shotgun Seat DJ’ has turned out a mirror image of just exactly what characterizes Kent Nielsen as a roots musician.” (Ullrich Mauer, gä, 09/2016)

„ … (the album) turned out very diverse and exciting. Every song is holding surprises and unexpected turns. … who ever is capable of „whistling“ EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS on the ukulele, has got to be a good human being”. (8 out of 10, Ox # 128 10-11/2016)

De optredens zijn GRATIS toegankelijk en vindien plaats op de PARKING achter Madam Jeanne, en dus niet in de zaak zelf.


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