Stygian's River: The Arrival

Locatie De Filatuur
Startdatum 21u30
Prijs per persoon Doorsale: € 20
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Organisatie Stygian's River


The Arrival at the Gates of Dis

Stygian's River is an audiovisual event where visitors can experience the sensory illusion of Charon's myth. Creating and emphasizing our ancient Greek storytelling through a synergy of live sounds and imaginative visuals.

For our third edition, we are accessing stadium 3 of Charon's journey: his arrival at the Gates of Dis, the portal to the underworld, the land of the mooring. But trespassing Hades' obscure domain doesn't go without any risks. With again a complete adaptation to this stadium in terms of decoration, visual art, animation, visuals, light set-up, DJ-booth etc. Every aspect that triggers the experience.