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Stygian's River: The Asphodel Meadows

Locatie The Factory
Startdatum 22u00
Prijs per persoon VVK 10 EUR ADK 15 EUR
  • Party
Organisatie Stygian's River


For our sixth edition we are situating ourselves in the land of utter neutrality. After Charon ferried all the dead across the river Styx and headed to the Tartarus afterwards. We are relocating our holy asylum to an intimate club vibe.

The Asphodel Meadows is an area in the Afterlife. It is part of the Tartarus divided into three subsections: the Elysian Fields for the heroic, the Asphodel Meadows for the neutral, and Tartarus for the rottest souls of them all.

In other words we are entering the next section of the Ancient Greek underworld where indifferent and ordinary souls were sent to live after death. A place where the souls of people who lived mediocre lives remain. A strange cold place in the Greek afterlife where the inhabitants of the fields are souls who were neither good nor evil in their activity as a mortal.

Other depictions have also stated that all residents drink from the river Lethe before entering the fields, thus losing their identities. The land of nobodies.

The last wicked place we are crossing before we meet the beasts of the underworld. Next up we finally face the monstrous hound of Hades: Kerberus

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